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www.Gmail.com Log In, Sign Up Gmail , Create New Gmail Account:

www.Gmail.com Log In, Sign Up Gmail , Create New Gmail Account: Gmail have become one of the most important source to send emails, files, documents and photos for free.There are many mailing systems available in the internet world today.But, none of them provides as many features as www.gmail.com for it's users.Gmail is the most user friendly application which can be operated very easily. It is the application which have created a sensation in the world of internet.

Today it has become mandatory of having a gmail account.Everyone uses gmail account in their own way either professionally or Personally.It has become one of the most used platform to communicate with their friends, family, relatives, colleagues and Officers for free.Gmail allows all it's users to send unlimited mails and files for free with out any limit.Just log in www.gmail.com account and avail all those benefits.

Here we will guide you about www.gmail.com, How To Create Gmail Account, How to Log in www.gmail.com, How To Reset Forgot Gmail Password, How To Send Emails through www.gmail.com, How To Download Gmail Mobile Application in your Mobile, Step by Step process to download Gmail Apk File For Free and What are the features of www.gmail.com latest version.

www.gmail.com Complete Guide:

Gmail.com is the application which is specially designed to send unlimited mails and files to the user.www.gmail.com was Developed by Paul Bucchet in the year 2004 and published by the world's most used search engine Google.inc. with its headquarters at California, US.Gmail is the first subsidiary of google and later it have launched many subsidiaries like Google Drive, Google Photos, Youtube, Buzz, Google Chrome, Hangouts and Many more which are very successful in their fields.

Gmail is the mailing service which is available all across the globe.To make the users more comfortable developers of gmail.com allowed everyone to operate gmail in more than 72 different languages that spoken all over the world.Gmail.com is the only mailing service with more that 1 Billion active accounts and more than 50 million active gmail application downloads all over the world.

The main reason of Gmail to establish a huge active users all over the world is, it's most advanced features and highest capacity to store mails.When www.gmail.com was initially released by google it was limited for only Business Purpose and have a storage capacity of 1 GB (which was very high when compared to other mailing services of that time).Later exactly after two years of it's initial release google  have made gmail.com universal and allowed everyone to use the services of gmail for free and increased the capacity of storage to 2 GB.Today gmail have the storage capacity of 1 TB for all the users and 30 TB Storage capacity for paid users.

Gmail have created a sensation by it's entry and occupied number one position in the list of best mailing applications of that time and the legacy continuing even today.There are many other mailing applications like Yahoo and Rediff but no other application provides as many features as gmail.Google.inc have been updating gmail application in all the aspects as per the taste of the users.Today gmail is available in all the mobile platforms and Gmail For PC and Gmail for Tablets for free.It is Quite easy and simple to create a new gmail.com account jut follow the simple steps given below.

Gmail.com Sign Up:

Gmail have become the best platform to send unlimited files and documents either for personal use or professional use for free.Gmail have become the most important part of everyone life, Today gmail account have been used by all the users in many different ways.Few of them use gmail as the source to chat individually , Few more use to Chat In a group, Few Use To Get Notifications on Jobs, Few more use www.gmail.com account to connect with social networking sites.Gmail doesn't restricts it's users by limitations.User can send and receive unlimited mails and files for free without any limit.

Latest version of gmail have made the users more comfortable and increased the security standards by placing the option of Spam and Promotions in www.gmail.com account.Spam identifies all the fake messages by the companies where the user have no use with them and keep the user safe.Where as promotion stores all the promotional emails by the companies.Which means No Spam Mail or Promotional Mail will be dropped in to your inbox.

Gmail is the application which can be operated very easily and most user friendly too.To create a new gmail account doesn't take much time, follow the simple steps given below.

Gmail Sign up

  • Navigate  www.gmail.com
  • On the right side of the screen You can see "Sign in"
  • Click on "Sign in"
  • You  can see "Create a new Account" {Below the Sign in box}
  • Click on Create New Account
  • Enter Your First Name and Last Name 
  • Enter Username 
  • Enter Password and Confirm it
  • Select Date of Birth
  • Enter Zip Code
  • Select Gender
  • Enter Mobile Number
  • Enter Alternative Email Address 
  • Enter The Capcha asked 
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Click on Create My Account.
  • New Page will be displayed on the screen.
  • Here Verification of your Account will be done.
  • For the security reasons a verification code will be sent to your mobile.
  • Enter the verification code in the box.
  • Click on Submit
  • You will be guided to your www.Gmail.com account
  • Upload Your Image and Finish the registration and
  • Start using Gmail Account.

Gmail login

Gmail log n helps the user to connect with any social networking sites like facebook, Twitter and Instagram.It will also be very helpful in log in with any entertainment portal like Netflix, Showbox, Hotstar etc..User can send and receive unlimited mails and files by www.gmail.com log in.Gmail not only allows it's users to send and Receive unlimited Mails but also Files, Documents and Attachments for free.It is very easy to log in www.gmail.com follow the simple steps given below.

  • Search www.gmail.com
  • On the Top of the Screen you can see " Sign In"
  • Click on Sign in
  • You will be directed to next Page
  • Enter User Name
  • Enter Password
  • Click on Sign in
  • You will be directed to your Account
  • Mangae your Account From their
  • Once you are done with your work Log Out immediately.

How To Send Emails Through gmail.com Account:

Once you are done with gmail sign up and Gmail log in, you can start mailing from your account.It is very easy to send emails through your account for free.Here we have clearly provided you the information on step by step process to send emails through www.gmail.com account.

  • Log In Your Gmail Account
  • On The Top Left of your Account page you can see Compose
  • Click on Compose
  • A Box will be displayed on the screen
  • Enter " To" Whom you want to Send Email
  • Enter " Subject" of the content
  • Enter your " Message"
  • Click on Send
  • Your email will be delivered to the email id that you have mentioned in the To box with in no time, and the sent mail will be stored in the sent box of your account.

How To Attach Files and Documents While sending an Email :

Many of the users will be confused while attaching the file or adding a document while composing a email.File might be a scanned copy, audio or any paper (Document might be Photo, PPT, Word pad Notes.)To clear all those quires we are providing the simple way to attach files and documents while composing an email.

  • Log In Gmail Account
  • Click on Compose
  • Enter To
  • Enter Subject
  • If You want to Attach file Click on The Symbol 
  • If You want To Send Image Click on The Image Symbol
  • If You want To Add any Photos from Google Drive Click on Google Drive Symbol.
  • Then Click on Send
  • Your message will be send and stored in your sent mail.
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