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Create & Login " " Log in , Gmail Sign In: Gmail have become the most important part of everyone's life.Today Gmail is used by every individual in many different ways.Some may use it for Personal, Some for Professional and Some for official use.Gmail allows all it's users to send Messages, files, documents and Photos to the other gmail user for free.It doesn't take much time to login 

Their is no need of pc/ Laptop anymore, Now you can operate on your finger tips.Yes, That's true just by downloading Gmail Mobile app in your smart phone you can easily start using gmail for free.

This article will surely gonna help you if You are looking for How To Create new Account? How To Sign Up Gmail? How To Log In ? How To Reset Forgot Gmail Password? How To Install Gmail Mobile Application in your Smart Phone? Step By Step Process To Download Gmail Mobile APK Android File? and How Can you Connect Account to Any Social Networking Site ? Guide:

Gmail is the Electronic Mailing system which was initially started in the year 2004 with it's headquarters at California, are the publishers of Gmail and developed by Paul Bucchet.When gmail was initially released it allowed it's usage only for Business purpose and only few people are allowed to use the services of it.Later in the year 2007 have made Gmail free to everyone.

Gmail have crossed all it's competitors like Yahoo, Reddiff and Hotmail and stood number one in the list of best mailing services available in the internet.Gmail is available in more than 72 different languages that spoken all over the world.As per the reports from, Gmail Have more than 1 Billion Active users all over the world and the count have been increasing day by day.On an Average of 10,000 new users are signing up daily. Storage Guide:

Today Gmail is well known for it's storage space.No other mailing system provides a vast storage space as gmail.Even the user receives 1000 emails a day their will be no problem of storage of mails in gmail.When gmail was initially released in the year 2004 it allowed the storage space of 1 GB and later the storage space have been increasing day by day as per the requirement of the users.Here we provide you the list of evolution of storage space of

  • 2004 - 1 GB
  • 2005 - 2 GB
  • 2007 - 5 GB
  • 2008 - 7.5 GB
  • 2010 - 10 GB
  • 2013 - 15 GB
  • 2014 - 30 GB
  • 2015 -  1 TB For Every User and 30 TB  for Every paid User.

How To Create Account , Gmail Sign Up:

Gmail is the best mailing system that available in the internet world today.It is the most user friendly mailing application which can be operated very easily.Gmail Log in Account can be connected to any social networking sites.It is mandatory to have gmail account to use Most Popular Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.To download any entertainment application like Netflix, Showbox, Hotstar and Voot the user should have a gmail account for sure.So don't be late create a new gmail account now.

It doesn't take much time to create a new gmail account.It is very easy to sign up, Follow the step by step information given below and with in no time start using your new gmail account for free.It is mandatory to have Mobile number to Create gmail account.This helps when you forgot your gmail password and to reset your forgot password.

  • Navigate
  • On the right side of the screen You can see "Sign in"
  • Click on "Sign in"
  • You  can see "Create a new Account" {Below the Sign in box}
  • Click on Create New Account
  • Enter Your First Name and Last Name 
  • Enter Username 
  • Enter Password and Confirm it
  • Select Date of Birth
  • Enter Zip Code
  • Select Gender
  • Enter Mobile Number
  • Enter Alternative Email Address 
  • Enter The Capcha asked 
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Click on Create My Account.
  • New Page will be displayed on the screen.
  • Here Verification of your Account will be done.
  • For the security reasons a verification code will be sent to your mobile.
  • Enter the verification code in the box.
  • Click on Submit
  • You will be guided to your account
  • Upload Your Image and Finish the registration and
  • Start using Gmail Account. log in:

Gmail is one of the huge mailing system that available in the internet world today.Even there are many other mailing systems like yahoo, rediff, and Hotmail ,No mailing system provides as many features as gmail.It has been updating day by day as per the taste of the users.Gmail not only  allows the user to chat or send emails but also with it's new features like Cloud Storage.User can store maximum of 1TB which is not less than 1 Lakh emails in their account for free.If you are a paid customer then you can store a maximum of 30 TB emails in your gmail account.

Gmail identifies the Spam Messages and Promotional Messages and separates them from your  inbox.All those messages are directly stored in the particular folder.This option will really help the user to be safe from the fake companies and offers.

It is very easy to log in account, follow the step by step process given below .

  • On the Top of the Screen you can see " Sign In"
  • Click on Sign in
  • You will be directed to next Page
  • Enter User Name
  • Enter Password
  • Click on Sign in
  • You will be directed to your Account
  • Mangae your Account From their
  • Once you are done with your work Log Out immediately.

How To Reset Your Forgot Password:

It is advised to all the users of gmail, to set a easy password while your registration which you can easily remember.Do not share the password with any one, Their is a chance to mis use your account.Be careful when you are entering the password of your account.
Gmail provides the option to reset you forgot password.Their is no limit you can change your password as many times as you want.Here we are providing you the easy way to recover your forgot password.

  • Visit
  • Click on sign in
  • Enter Your email Address
  • Below the sign in button you can find "Forgot Password"
  • Click on Forgot Password
  • Enter the last password that you remembered.
  • Click on Continue
  • You will be given Two options to send a Verification code.{phone or email}
  • Select any one.
  • A verification code will be sent to you 
  • Enter the 6 digit verification code and Click on "Continue"
  • A new page will be displayed
  • Create a New Password 
  • Confirm the New Password
  • Click on Create New password
  • Your New Password will be created and you will be guided to you Gmail Account.

How To Download Gmail Mobile Application In Your Smart Phone:

To make the users more comfortable all the mobile platforms are giving Gmail as the in built option.By just using your Gmail user id and Password you can easily start using gmail in your smart phone.If you are not having gmail application in your smart phone and looking to download it, then this article will surely help you.

Gmail is available in all the mobile platforms like Android, IOS, Windows, Blackberry, HTC,etc. It is very easy to download gmail mobile application in your smart phone.Here we have provided you the clear information on step by step process to download gmail mobile application in different Mobile platforms. Mobile Application For Android:

Users of Android device can download gmail mobile application in two different ways.they are

Download Gmail Mobile Application From Store:

This is the most used process to download gmail mobile application in your smart phone.

  • Open Play Store in Your Device
  • Search for Gmail
  • Select Official Gmail Application
  • Click on Install
  • Open Gmail Mobile Application
  • If You are already a user Finish Sign In Process and Start using your gmail account
  • If you are new to gmail complete the Registration process first and then start using gmail account.

Download Mod Gmail APK Android File For Free:

Downloading Gmail Apk file is the second step which is very easy and can be done with in very less time.But before beginning the download it is suggested to change few settings of your handset which helps you to use Gmail apk file comfortably.

  • Open Settings of Your Android Device
  • Select Security Settings
  • Turn On Unknown Sources
  • Now, Click on the Download Link given below
  • Gmail Apk File will be Downloaded
  • Open Gmail Apk Android File
  • Click on Run
  • A short Cut Gmail Apk file will be created on the screen
  • Open The Short Cut Gmail APK and begin the Log In process.

  • login


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